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Mark Hopkins
"Hangin' Around" - Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins’ work, cast exclusively in bronze, is widely collected around the world. Best known for the beautiful flow and inspired quality of his sculptures, his work is often described as "bronze in motion."

"Hangin’ Around"
69"h x 40"w x 36"d
Edition size: 50

From miniatures to monuments,
he is a prolific artist who sculpts a wide diversity of subject matter including wildlife, sports, Native Americans, and historical figures. His recent work includes his growing Little People series, a celebration of the exuberance and spontaneity of childhood.

"Mud Buddies"
16"h x 35"w

"Mud Buddies" - Mark Hopkins
"Little One" - Mark Hopkins

Mark sees life as a time for learning and exploring, full of moments of incredible excitement and beauty. As he says, "I strive to express beyond the imagination, to cath the spirit, to reveal deeper emotions and to share joy." He succeeds!

"Little One"
23"h x 12"w

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