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Craig French

Craig French’s dimensional wall sculptures are exhibited in galleries and museums in the U.S. and Australia and Japan. Comprised of exotic materials including glass, neon, acrylics, copper, stainless steel and resins, all connote energy and verve. Collectors are often taken with the improvisational character of his pieces. But what first appears playful is revealed upon further reflection to be an exacting technical mastery of of diverse materials and shapes.

Craig has an astonishing gift for exploring the uniqueness of angle and curve. A California native, and second generation artist, he believes his art issues from "a love of beauty and rhythm which I associate with the flow of poetry. His primary aim, he says, "is to push materials to their limits."

"Cercle Rouge Dans" - Craig French


"Cercle Rouge Dans"
74"h x 54"w x 7"d
Pearl Resin, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, maple


47"h x 35"w x 5"d
Aluminum, pearl resin, stainless steel, iridescent and plate glass, maple

"Dichroic" - Craig French

"Vortex" - Craig French

30"h x 27"w x 7"d
Aluminum, copper, brushed bronze reverse resin and maple

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