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Bradford Brenner
"Flower Vase" - Bradford Brenner

New York native Bradford Brenner moved to La Jolla when he was seven. The son of avid collectors, he’s studied fine art and enjoyed the inspiring company of artists since he was a child.
A expressionist best known for still lifes, landscapes, and evocative faces of young women, his portraits convey unconventionality and poetic lyricism. Faces mirror his viewers’ moods; their emotions change accordingly.

"Flower Vase"
36"h x 30"w
Acrylic on canvas

"The greatest joy I recieve from my art is when a viewer and a painting find each other," he says. "It is this shared connection between viewer and painting that I value most."
His widely collected work has been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the U.S., including a critically acclaimed 1999 solo show in Atlanta, GA.

36"h x 30"w
Acrylic on canvas

"Meg" - Bradford Brenner
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