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Erica Hopper

"Time Out "
50"h x 36"w
Giclée on canvas

"Timeout" by Erica Hopper
"Apple Diary" - Erica Hopper

Erica Hopper studied graphic and industrial design at San Diego State University, then continued her art education at the University of the Americas - Puebla, Mexico.

"Apple Diary"
54"h x 63"w
Giclée on canvas

"The Grapes Of Prose" - Erica Hopper

In the early 1970s and ’80s, her illustrations appeared in national magazines. At the same time, she designed clothing and children’s furniture. For the past 16 years, Erica has concentrated on oil media and textile design, establishing in both a rhythm of modern and ethnic presence.

"The Grapes Of Prose"
Giclée on canvas

"In The Studio" - Erica Hopper

Erica’s work is compelling and abstractly interpretive, using color in a multi-layering application and short palette work to give a sense of a three-dimensional statement

"In The Studio"
50" square
Giclée on canvas

"Second Thoughts"
47"h x 45"w
Giclée on canvas

"Second Thought" - Erica Hopper
"Preview" by Erica Hopper

Giclée on canvas

"Walking Chuey" by Erica Hopper "Walking Chuey"
53"h x 69"w
Giclée on canvas
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