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Gregory Deane

"Pages of Time IV" - Gregory Deane


"Pages of Time IV"
60"h x 44"w
Mixed media on canvas

Expressionist Gregory Deane was born in Oregon and moved to California as a teenager. Even as a child, he was facinated with color arrangements and textures, and excelled at art from an early age. He has long specialized in dynamic abstract and non-objective painting. Recently he has concentrated on mixed media with great success.

"By including a photograph or words from a newspaper, bits of tissue paper or whatever might be at hand," Deane explains, "I can evoke a grounded feeling of place."
"Matador" - Gregory Deane


42"h x 62"w
Oil on canvas

"Khronos V" - Gregory Deane


"Khronos V"
48" x 48"
Mixed media on canvas

New inspirations arise from trips to China, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Viewers have responded with historic enthusiasm. Deane’s paintings can be found in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide; his clients include sports figures, politicians - even royalty.

48"h x 96"w

"Noesis" - Gregory Deane
"Fire Fall" by Gregory Dean "Fire Fall"
40"h x 30"w
"Iris Gold"
84"h x 36"w
"Iris Gold" by Gregory Deane
"Magi Pot" by Gregory Deane "Magi Pot"
36"h x 48"w
30"h x 40w
"Pemienta" by Gregory Deane
"Caldera" by Gregory Dean "Caldera"
50"h x 50"w
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